Law, whether it is written or not exists all over the world in different kinds of society. It fulfills the original function of regulating the conduct that might compromise the primeval interests of human beings. Such interests are not only material but psychological like free will, autonomy and higher capacities imposed. For these interests to materialize, there is a need for social support, presence, collaboration, and participation of others. The greater our relationship with others the greater the need for the presence of law.

Man is a social being by nature. Social life is much more than simply living with other human beings. It is the set of interrelationships, quality of relations and Inter law deals between them. The law also guarantees the basic rights of individuals. This warranty implies a regulation establishing a certain order that formalizes precisely the powers and limits of those who live in society.

Right to life it is the largest legally protected right. So much so that legal rules, for example, protect not only life as such but the integrity of persons. The law aims precisely to analyze these capabilities towards achieving, modifying and improving the legal regulations.

A viable human society needs legal construct. The law is present in society to achieve, by their rules and their coercivity social peace, equality, harmony, order and security. This will allow every person and family to live in stable condition.

Morals and values also need the law. It protects and pursues the realization of values and principles, as important as justice, equality, goodness, freedom, etc. Let us not forget that justice is the ideal of law.

In the psychological aspect, based on the behavior of human beings needs a legal structure in the society. It is also inherent for humans to improve, create, or modify such legal framework to suit the needs of the people. It is precisely based on such capabilities that human civilization flourished.

On the social side, human relationship is an essential condition of being a man. Humans were designed to interact with others. Thus there is the need for a legal norm to organize such a society where man must develop in an atmosphere of social peace.

In the spiritual aspect, which is based on the principles, values, goals, ideals that each person has for himself and others.

The human being consists of different aspects, is deeply tied to the law. From birth and even before conception their relationship has already been set by legal rules. These laws protect their lives, their property, their stability, etc.

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